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If you’re not comfortable doing this live, then you need to practice.Touch and Masturbate The objective is for both of you to get off here.

Okay, so anyway, he's coming home from work and uh, and he's coming into the house and uh, his wife Jane meets him at the door and she says, oh, hi honey, how was your day? Because they, uh, they lose erections around their wives at that point. You know, like a dummy, pretend person, basically, yes.It was becoming a little bit tattered in ways, but I mean, besides, this one's more comfortable anyway. Hey, as long as you're adult it's all right, it's all right. If something offends you in the store, you can just look away, it's no big deal. Yes, I'm fairly innocent myself, but as I've revealed of myself, I see the down and dirty. I've seen that happen, I've seen that happen, their whole hand. It's particularly, it's typically like a hunk of plastic molded in the form, the shape like the shape like an average-size, uh... "The Holy Coat" [unintelligible mumbling] ..holy coat. So we've got, like, a husband and wife, we'll call them, like, Dick and Jane, right? I've learned, like you know, even though you've seen the husband seemingly betraying their wives to go to like uh, nightclub? They're just trying to get their erections back up so they can go home and be ready for their wives. You could do it before you put your next tampon in. Yeah, basically most of the time they're motionless, so, for me I would just put my dick in the vaginal entry and I would just pump and I would just pump it. I mean, you could try it yourself tonight 'cause I know it's like twelve-thirty over there on Saturday afternoon. What I have learned from porn #1: Films I have seen? But when you masturbate, you don't have to have your tampon in there. They're these inflatable dolls, that inflate to look like the form of a naked man or a woman, of course as a man I do have sex dolls of, uh, naked women, I do, I mean, I'm willing to admit that, so anyway, yeah, basically, you do the sex doll of the opposite gender like you would, but you're still classified as a virgin because there's no DNA exchanged because the thing is just a hunk of plastic.

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Please help the CWCki by replacing or restoring these links. "Two Front Teeth" CWC sings "All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth" in a squeaky voice, then informs the listener that the original song contains a whistle. "THE POWER OF THE SUN" I'm in my house now [rustling noises] uhh..was written, I got this housecoat from, uh, from Goodwill. I have actually looked it up, it's like 5 6 or 7 inches, and what I've seen for you know, the plastic dildos, they're like 5 to 7 inches themselves.

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