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The original sheath is marked "M H Cole / Roebuck Works" on the brass throat and "06" on the back.

The underside of the guard is marked "06" and "M H" (the C is under the blade).

The handle is alum, brass, fiber, bakelite and copper. The sheath is original and marked "M H Cole / Roebuck Works" on the back. The handle is walnut with finger grooves and a US stamp in an oval.

Vietnam Era C4 Non-Mag Demolition Knife made by Camillus.

It also has the original shipping label, also dated March 1967..

The double edge blade is 6 3/4" long and marked "I Cut My Way / William Rodgers / Sheffield / England". The sheath, which is original to the knife, is marked "Made in / Sheffield, Eng." in the belt loop area.. The blade is 7 3/4" long and marked "Buck" at the ricasso. Also shown is the green wax paper that the entire knife and sheath was wrapped in for shipping.. The knife is 5 1/2" long closed and has three blades.

WWII or Post War Fighting Knife made by William Rdgers. It has the gray plastic USN MK2 scabbard with the green wax paper at the throat and the "Care Tag". It is an experimental non-sparking knife made for working with explosives.

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The handle is grooved leather with alum, black and red spacers.

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