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It also provides yet another example of the uncertainly You Tube’s audience faces in supporting its video makers, with the intense political climate having a major impact on the site and its content creators.Laci Green’s identity crisis is emblematic of the wider issue faced by You Tubers.But while Laci Green’s flirtation with the “red pill” would have been controversial in and of itself given the movement’s misogynistic background, the reveal that she was now romantically linked to Chris Ray Gun, a prominent “skeptic” You Tuber known for his videos rallying against feminism and progressives, was yet another odd twist in the You Tube tale.Chris, whose videos feature him ranting about feminist video game critic Anita Sarkeesian, criticizing Islam and arguing against the gender wage gap, produces content for an audience that could not be more different from Laci’s.Need to track a flight arrival or find airport parking?

You Tube is experiencing what can only be described as an identity crisis.

However, Laci has now divided her audience as a result of her latest series of videos, in which she discusses “taking the red pill,” and for her relationship with prominent “anti-PC” You Tuber Chris Ray Gun.

A month ago Laci posted a video titled ‘Taking The Red Pill?

Them” war between old and new media was what led to him being targeted, shifting the onus of blame from him and onto those who had criticized his actions.

In a particularly volatile social climate, one of You Tube’s most prominent feminist voices dipping her toes into the site’s pool of anger and hysteria is no small thing.

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