Who is jake pavelka dating

And now there are reports that Ali is "miserable" with Roberto.

Will the formerly happy couple succumb to the break-up curse?

But she saw through his charisma to “his hot temper” and saw he was using her as a “meal ticket to Hollywood.” Jake was devoted to climbing the fame ladder, and ultimately Kristin “didn’t trust him.” It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise—we all know that the Bachelor franchise won’t end in true love—just a few morning talk show gigs and a couple of tabloid covers!Seriously, there's a photo of them on a date near his home in Texas.Sounds like Kristin Chenoweth has finally found herself a bachelor ... News asked her if she was seeing the hunky pilot, Chenoweth responded with a big smile, saying, "I'm single and loving it." She added, with another huge grin, "I'm finally dating.Kristin may not be up for any Oscars, but she’s well respected in the acting community, and can do way better than a needy fame whore!Do you think Jake and Kristin could have made it work, or was the writing on the wall a long time ago?

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