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And so, for a minute, I believed he was still here, and I couldn’t wait to get to him.” “And then, a few long seconds later, another devastation hit when I realized he was actually gone,” she continued.“Complete shock, complete confusion – how could I not have known?“Welcome to the world sweet baby James, born yesterday morning on November 21st at am,” she wrote.“@davidlauren and I are beyond thrilled and in love!' I kept saying, ' I have this idea for FEED,' and I had the first bag. No one ever said you shouldn't or don't, or [asked] why are you wasting your time? – followed by a complete and overwhelming sadness.” She attended the funeral and went to his house afterwards to get a look inside his life.

If you told me then that one of my friends was going to take his own life, I never would have thought to call Kyle, to ask if he was okay, to check on him.” She went on to detail how he had called her the night he committed suicide, but she declined to answer because she was sleeping as a result of mono and “in [her] fogginess, [she] couldn’t tell if he was really calling or if [her] mind was playing tricks on [her].” Jenna woke her up that night to inform her of their friend Sammie‘s birthday barbecque the next day, and Kyle was set to attend.He was tragically killed at age 33 after a Nepal earthquake caused a Mt. The model announced that she had given birth to a son named James on Instagram on November 21, adding a sweet snapshot of her new bundle of joy!The same way I would have looked around if he had still been living. He had hanged himself in the closet just inside that room.” She coped with the loss at the time by replaying a voicemail from him on her Nokia phone until it was automatically erased and had his sister wear her prom dress to the dance.She dreamed of him and night, and would be devastated when she woke up in the morning.

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“I looked for signs everywhere, trying to understand the boy I liked, see what I could learn about him from his belongings.

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