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What I’m trying to do is create a dialogue, so that we can take a look at this problem.

So, the massive gains are at least as much a product of “out with the old” as “in with the new.” On Monday, Max Kellerman was officially named Skip Bayless' permanent replacement on ESPN morning debate series "First Take." The departing "Sports Nation" host should not be an unknown quantity to any sports fan -- particularly those that love the sweet science.

“What Michael Vick just did was continually perpetuate a stereotype that black men look a certain way, dressed a certain way, should be judged a certain way,” Sharpe said on An increasingly angry Sharpe then went after Vick directly for believing that Kaepernick’s protesting during NFL games last season was somehow on the same level as dogfighting, the crime that landed Vick in jail in 2007. “The officers that were doing this killing were not being held accountable for their killings,” an emotional Sharpe contended. We have yet to address the issue of what he tried to bring attention to.” Sharpe also called out fellow football analysts, saying it’s hypocritical to criticize the 29-year-old Kaepernick for not being vocal about wanting to play in the NFL. “He missed two years in the NFL, but Michael Vick didn’t have to tell anyone he wanted to play again.” “And guess how old Michael Vick was when he signed with the Philadelphia Eagles? “Twenty-nine.” Vick attempted to clarify his remarks on Twitter, noting late Tuesday morning that Kaepernick’s hair “has nothing to do with him not being on an NFL team right now.” But his statement seemed to do little to stop the criticism over his comments.

My colleague Elizabeth Wellington slammed Vick’s assessment of Kaepernick’s appearance, noting Kaepernick’s “hair is clean.

Sharpe holds the distinction of being the first tight end ever to amass over 10,000 receiving yards.

He was the NFL's all-time yardage leader among tight ends until Tony Gonzalez surpassed his record on October 5, 2008.

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The former ESPNer’s new series “Skip and Shannon: Undisputed” has produced a 358 percent overall time slot increase in its first month versus the same calendar-part last year.

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