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Although she’s been out of the public eye for six years now, Amanda is back with a new video for her song “Freak for the Weekend” and one thing it noticeably different: She’s an out lesbian.

Movies or books or TV shows that are are not “about” gayness but feature gay themes are more acceptable in the mainstream than those that are specifically LGBT.

Like Amanda Perez, she was a part of major pop culture for a time, and it just so happened to be a time where staying in the closet was much more accepted but no less fodder for speculation.

Nonetheless both artists were able to be successful at points in their career without completely ignoring who they are, what they like and how they want to present themselves to their audience.

Da Brat prefers T-shirts and pants to the sexed-up outfits a lot of pop stars wear, and she was asked in the same interview why she “dresses like a guy”: When I dress tomboyish, I don’t really consider it dressing like a guy.

I am a full fledge woman and I like to dress however I feel comfortable.

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Even so, she was signed to a major label—Virgin Records—and one thing was very evident about her: Amanda Perez did not look like other R&B ingenues.

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