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Zwrócił na siebie uwagę krytyków w kolejnych filmach. Po tym wybryku zażądano od Farrella poddania się kuracji odwykowej.Swój talent aktorski potwierdził rolą oficera zaopatrzeniowego uwięzionego przez Niemców w dramacie wojennym Wojna Harta (Hart's War, 2002), otrzymując Złoty Puchar na festiwalu filmowym w Szanghaju. Następnie został zaangażowany przez Stevena Spielberga w filmie Raport mniejszości (Minority Report, 2002), gdzie u boku Toma Cruise’a zagrał postać detektywa. Całkowita abstynencja była też warunkiem jego zaangażowania do roli detektywa Jamesa „Sonny’ego” Crocketta w filmie sensacyjnym Policjanci z Miami (Miami Vice, 2006).It looks like you’re trying to find a page that may have been moved or not longer exists.Please try using our search function to find your content.The perpetrator uses physical or psychological intimidation to force a victim to have sex against his or her will, or when the perpetrator has sex with a victim who is incapable of giving consent because they have been incapacitated by drugs or alcohol.Date rape most commonly takes place among college students under the symptoms of alcohol or date rape drugs consumption that makes the abuse more accessible.Historically, in much of the world, rape was seen as a crime of theft of a man's property (usually either a husband or father).

It is controversial, however, with some people believing the problem is overstated and that many date rape victims are actually willing, consenting participants, and others believing that date rape is seriously under-reported and almost all women who claim date rape were actually raped. The two phrases are often used interchangeably, but date rape specifically refers to a rape in which there has been some sort of romantic or potentially sexual relationship between the two parties.Acquaintance rape also includes rapes in which the victim and perpetrator have been in a non-romantic, non-sexual relationship, for example as co-workers or neighbors.12 września 2003), Maeve Quinlan (w lutym 2002), Ashley Scott (w październiku 2002), Angeliną Jolie (2003-2004), Britney Spears (w styczniu 2003), Demi Moore (w lutym 2003), Nicole Narain (w lipcu 2003), Rosario Dawson (2004), Lindsay Lohan (w listopadzie 2004), Carmen Electrą (2006-2007), Lake Bell (w kwietniu 2006), Muireann Mc Donnell (od maja 2007 do czerwca 2008) i Emmą Forrest (2008-2009).Farrell był też związany z polską aktorką Alicją Bachledą-Curuś (2008 do lipca 2010)Fred Astaire (1950) • Danny Kaye (1951) • Donald O’Connor (1952) • David Niven (1953) • James Mason (1954) • Tom Ewell (1955) • Mario Moreno (1956) • Frank Sinatra (1957) • Danny Kaye (1958) • Jack Lemmon (1959)Jack Lemmon (1960) • Glenn Ford (1961) • Marcello Mastroianni (1962) • Alberto Sordi (1963) • Rex Harrison (1964) • Lee Marvin (1965) • Alan Arkin (1966) • Richard Harris (1967) • Ron Moody (1968) • Peter O’Toole (1969) • Albert Finney (1970) • Topol (1971) • Jack Lemmon (1972) • George Segal (1973) • Art Carney (1974) • Walter Matthau (1975) • Kris Kristofferson (1976) • Richard Dreyfuss (1977) • Warren Beatty (1978) • Peter Sellers (1979)Ray Sharkey (1980) • Dudley Moore (1981) • Dustin Hoffman (1982) • Michael Caine (1983) • Dudley Moore (1984) • Jack Nicholson (1985) • Paul Hogan (1986) • Robin Williams (1987) • Tom Hanks (1988) • Morgan Freeman (1989) • Gérard Depardieu (1990) • Robin Williams (1991) • Tim Robbins (1992) • Robin Williams (1993) • Hugh Grant (1994) • John Travolta (1995) • Tom Cruise (1996) • Jack Nicholson (1997) • Michael Caine (1998) • Jim Carrey (1999)George Clooney (2000) • Gene Hackman (2001) • Richard Gere (2002) • Bill Murray (2003) • Jamie Foxx (2004) • Joaquin Phoenix (2005) • Sacha Baron Cohen (2006) • Johnny Depp (2007) • Colin Farrell (2008) • Robert Downey Jr.

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"An assault by a stranger is more likely to be seen as a 'real rape' than one by some-one known to the victim." Because of this cultural conception, many date rapes are considered to be less serious than stranger rapes because the nature of the perpetrator-victim relationship, especially for those who have had a prior or current sexual relationship.

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