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w=1600&quality=85&ssl=1 1600w, https://i0com/grapevine.is/wp-content/uploads/S047016_bw-e1415806769607.jpg? w=1100&quality=85&ssl=1 1100w" data-lazy-sizes="(max-width: 550px) 100vw, 550px" data-recalc-dims="1" /My first memory of Lemmy is from hanging out in Japis, a record store, when I was ten or eleven, digging through the rock and heavy metal rack.

I had already discovered Metallica’s ‘Kill ‘Em All’ by then, as well as Korn, Machine Head, and RATM. I carefully examined the CD cover as I listened in-store, and on the back I found three of the dirtiest rockers I’d ever seen!

Written partly in block capitals, and perhaps the most touching of the many tributes paid yesterday, it urged fans to 'play music LOUD' and 'have a drink or two' in memory of 'our mighty, noble friend'.

Drinking heavily, and being extremely loud, are certainly the two things most associated with Lemmy, who once summed up Motorhead as 'the dirtiest rock and roll band in the world', adding 'if we moved in next door to you, your lawn would die'.

Somehow, though, I’ve always wanted to know what Lemmy had to say. He was a genius at making the most out of his simple merits.

I’ve liked some of their releases better than others, but it didn’t really matter, because it was always all true, and the guy yelling into the microphone meant every word, always. He was a great bass player, and the first to cast his instrument into the lead role in a heavy metal band, in place of the more ubiquitous guitar.

What's more, his staple tipple of Jack Daniel's and Coca-Cola - consumed almost non-stop, from breakfast-time onwards, since the late Seventies - was now completely off-limits because it played havoc with his diabetes.

It sounded like a dramatic move for a man who boasted of needing between a bottle and a gallon of bourbon per day to function normally, and who once said he never got hangovers because 'to get hangovers you need to stop drinking'.'Lemmy has swapped from Jack and Coke to vodka and orange,' his interviewer reported, adding helpfully that 'his assistant wonders if swapping from one 40pc spirit topped with sugar to another 40pc spirit topped with sugar is really going to help.'Lemmy passed away on Monday, less than a week after celebrating his 70th birthday, and only two days after being diagnosed with an 'extremely aggressive' form of the disease that purportedly affected his head and neck.

It is funny to think of someone that didn’t ever know you, but had so much of an influence on your life. I don’t like to idolize people, but when you put it all together, how can you not when it comes to Lemmy? Generally speaking, Lemmy was just a good, no-nonsense guy.For a long, long time, Metallica was my favourite band, but after the black album I simply lost interest.The same goes for almost every band I’ve enjoyed through the years.He said that when he founded Motörhead, he wanted to be in a band that was as loud and brutal as The Beatles he witnessed at the Cavern Club.One of my favourite Lemmy-lines is about love: “relationships destroy relationships.” He drowned his sorrows in speed, leather, Nazi outfits, Jack Daniels, casual sex, rock, and noise, and he lived surprisingly long nonetheless. Over the past few days I’ve been blasting “Killed By Death” and of course “Ace Of Spades” in his honour.

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