Will updating my ram make my computer faster

So, why would you want to install faster memory in a system if it will still run at the slower speed? As memory technology ages, slower modules may drop out of production, leaving only faster ones available.Such might be the case with a system that supports DDR3 memory up to 1333MHz but all you can find is PC3-12800 or 16000 MHz modules.Don’t worry in the slightest if none of these numbers make any sense to you, just jot down both your processor and memory information from this window (a quick screenshot would suffice as well).We’ll use this information later to determine which RAM to buy.

Today I’ll walk you through the potentially frightening process of upgrading your Mac’s performance through increasing your RAM.

Memory is considered a commodity and as a result has variable pricing.

In some situations, a faster memory module might be less expensive than a slower one.

There were a couple of exceptions to this in the past with processors and motherboards that allowed one or the other type to be used on the same system, but as the memory controllers have been built into the processor for improved performance, this is not really possible anymore.

For instance, even though some versions of Intel's 6th Generation Core i processors and chipsets can use either DDR3 or DDR4, the motherboard chipset only allows one or the other technology, but not both.

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