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Instead, hindering Internet usage by sex offenders deprives them of an essential tool for reintegrating into normal society.

It’s like the laws that restrict sex offenders from living too close to schools; drawn too broadly, those laws ensure that the sex offenders have to move further away from their jobs, lie about their residence, or become homeless.

(Of course sex offenders may not properly report all of their aliases, a general deficiency of the self-reporting database approach).

Thus, striking down this law doesn’t immediately open up all of the Internet to the sex offenders.

*Proposition 35, which passed with 81 percent of the vote Tuesday, would require that anyone who is a registered sex offender – including people with misdemeanor offenses such as indecent exposure and whose offenses were not related to activity on the internet – would have to turn over to law enforcement a list of all identifiers they use online as well as a list of service providers they use.

The Californians Against Sexual Exploitation Act would force sex offenders to fork over to law enforcement their e-mail addresses, user and screen names, or any other identifier they used for instant messaging, for social networking sites or at online forums and in internet chat rooms.

Nevertheless, it does mean that they can use the Internet without inadvertently committing a crime.

The law was defective on so many fronts, including: * overly prophylatic. 16, 2012) Sex offenders–especially those who victimize children–are pariahs in our society.(The names of these laws reflect common legislative tricks to speed passage and suppress opposition).This case shows that the overlaps are not only linguistic, but possibly Constitutionally required.The ruling doesn’t require social media sites to allow sex offenders on their sites, and they can still use the Adam Walsh/KIDS Act database to block known sex offender aliases.

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