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Just the thought of hurting his self-image makes a man chuck the thought and instead look at the average looking girl, whom he might have a chance with.

A man will often assume that all women who are beautiful are extremely spoilt and will go out only with those who are good looking or those who make big bucks.

Most men don’t know what to do with that.” I don’t want to resent men for owning up to their own feelings of insecurity — after all, they’re hurt by this cesspool of misogyny, too. I resent men for owning up to their feelings of insecurity! My instincts say I should have empathy, but my volcano brain says: Why on earth should I have to hand-hold another grown adult through acceptance of my awesomeness? It puts a script in a guy’s hand before you’ve even seen him clearly, the same way that you claim that merely being attractive, successful, and clear about your desires makes it impossible for men to see you.

All of the gendered bullshit they carry around with them that controls their behavior gets in the way of being able to formulate an objective answer.Most of the men I know would leap out of their skin with joy at meeting a woman who’s hot and smart and has an established career and asks for what she wants directly.I don’t believe that the men I know well are an exception to the rule.You have kicked ass and taken names for years and now you’re supposed to ACT LIKE YOU’RE LESS THAN YOU ARE just to get a man.But in reaction to that, you’re entering into situations feeling conflicted and pissy and making assumptions that a guy is less than he is.

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