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Increasing the userbase Our You Tube channel Your honest thoughts on chlomo53634Chloe definitely didn't want to diss Bieber The Beaver.Her Twitter would be spammed for weeks with death threats from Beliebers like anyone else that makes Justin look like the tool that he is. Thank you guys.53699fair enough but downey jr is lucky to be alive right now and will probably have some major liver/kidney issues due to his serious drug abuse which is maybe why she said no (his past not his future lol)53713Maybe she was like "uhh, I can't say kiss to everyone" so she said no to him randomly. umm…" And this way everyone is okay with saying yes to all the others53769There is something weird going on with the Twitter timeline.So Chloe obviously just agreed with her about the paparazzi but has no actual love for the girl.If Chloe was anything but "business" friend with Miley (maybe to get Twitter followers) she wouldn't be making fun of her.53862Just because Chloe likes Miley's music doesn't mean that she likes her as a person. Look at the amount of people that still like Michael Jackson's music despite him now being a confirmed child rapist from FBI documents released. safe=off&site=&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1280&bih=656&q=B'omarr&oq=B'omarr&gs_l=img.3..0l2j0i24l3.1201.4025.0.4808. Dsh65d KM5j E#q=Bomarr Jabba the hut&safe=off&tbm=isch Remember that hungarian movie-magazine, I've scanned last month?

Memorable threads Post your Chloe folder Banners (Chlobros edition)Chloe related links Chlomo gallery discussion Chlomo pack discussion Chlomo user guide Chlopaganda How would you improve this site?I happened to come across a torrent for a rip of the DVDR a while back though, but that was on a private tracker and I think the torrents dead now anyway.54092The movie isn't about gays and the trailer that you probably saw is the "fan" made trailer of scenes cut together to make Trevor look like he was in a gay movie. The movie is about Trevor's character becoming invisible.Not about a gay guy using his invisible powers to spy on guys.54116If you think she signed them along with the hundreds of others that she was sent then that is all that matters.Probably were signed by her mother or father in reality.Most TTM isn't signed by the actual celebrity.54128they look exactly how she signs her autograph when she takes her time to do it right…for real fans…they look nothing like the scribbles she gives the autograph hounds though, they get the shit versionit does show another light to the whole celebrity friend thing and what it can do - or the possibilities.

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