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I just need some advice on how i should handle this? i wanted to change him, i wanted him to care more, notice what hes supposed to, so i started badgering him about it. i couldnt sleep last night at all, i wanted to just... god, i never really said this to him, but i love him, and i dont want him to go, and i feel like ill break without him.

thats what happened the past three days, but then yesterday night my friend told me that he told him that he was moving, and that the date of the earlier one was only postponed, not completely disappeared. i did consider breaking up, but picturing him with another person is too hard. i love him, hes leaving, i'll be hurting, what do i do? my boyfriend....moving too....i love him soo much and im scared he will cheat on me and stare at other girls butts and stuff but im depressed and my life is over.

Bella, 19, and Scott, 33, were snapped kissing and snuggling on Wednesday in Cannes, France, and a source close to Kourtney Kardashian's ex tells ET that although the unexpected pair is "hooking up," it's all just fun. The two were spotted having lunch in Los Angeles together a year later in December 2012, and were still pals by April 2013, when Kylie tweeted a picture of the two making silly faces for the camera. They were spotted at Los Angeles International Airport together on Monday, before their PDA show on Wednesday.

"Kylie and I don't really get to hang out all that much, we used to hang out more often when we were both a little bit younger. We have lots of mutual friends." As for Bella's relationship with Scott, the two were first linked together earlier this month, when sources told ET they had a dinner date in L. Since then, they have shown no signs of slowing down.

I don't think there's much advice that can be given here, but I'd really be interested in hearing if anybody has any similar stories from their own experience. I still cry every night about it because I want him back sooooo much but I am glad we are still going out because at least he phones me every day and at least he still wants to be with me.

I'm just so depressed--it's one thing if a relationship doesn't work out, but it's twice as hard to be forced apart like this... I think you should stick with yours as well, no matter what happens it depends how u deal with it, i mean if u both got cameras u could chat and see each other, im in a long distance relationship and it works coz im working hard to make it work, im always being romantic and trying my best to please her, it can work u just have to try ur best to make it work, also u need to think about the future, could he ever move back? if not then its better to leave it but if u feel that u could the go for it last year i went to a new high school.

we dated for 2 years and three months but we took a break because alot of drama started :/ and now we still act like we are dating and we say we love each other all the time and we hang out alot and I know we have something real.. my boyfriend of almost 6 months (will be tomoro) is leaving in about midjanuary.

I think to myself things happen but i hope never that.i have tryed everything i can to stop him but he has to go..arnt going to breakup but he says after highschool he will move back to canada with me wow, these comments are too depressing!:( I think, if someone you love is moving away you can try your best to stay in touch for as long as you can, because at least then if it doesnt work out you can still say 'i tried' :/ xx Long distant relationships can work! My boyfriend & me are together for almost 5 years now & we spend most of the time (more than 4 years) very far from each other (570 miles/920km) in 2 different countries.he doesn't want me to see him sad cause then i would be down so instead he hides it.I guess the only thing i could do right now is b prepared and what ever may come.....comes and if something happens it happens for a reason and ill always love him no matter what.

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