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The problem is the three holes for the badge on the headstock.

If it were a Carlton there would be two side by side half way up the headstock.

Married friends feel compelled to over tell you how difficult marriage is so that you don’t feel like it’s a winter wonderland of constant awesomeness. If you were given a kitten for Christmas people automatically think, “That was a doorway cat.

You’re about to become the crazy cat lady.” = 5 points 27. They filled out your dating profile for you and made you sound 97% more awesome than you actually are. The profile photo they used on your dating page is at least 10 years old. At a Christmas party, someone tells you the wildly inappropriate compliment, “Where were you when I was single? People try to romanticize the tremendous amounts of free time you must have during the holidays without a family to bother you. A lot of these were based on great reader comments, from folks like Ash and many others, so all the thanks go to them.

Someone tells you, “It’s tough to be alone this time of year.” = 1 point 2. They try desperately to find the silver lining and say things like, “It must be nice not to have to shop for anyone. It’s impossible to be happy and single during Christmas! They feel slightly guilty for watching romantic Christmas movies in your presence, like “Love Actually.” = 3 points 11.

Someone tells you, “Being single doesn’t have to mean being lonely.” = 2 points 12.

I stripped some old paint in order to find the serial.carlton built raleigh's feature normal british thread bottom brackets, its the non carlton built ones with the proprietary bottom bracket.edit:velobase might be some help. Category=115&Brand ID=547f3aa0-e86c-41a3-b5a6-f75628ea75e7b You'll need a Campagnolo BB so you have the correct taper, and need to know the axle length to ensure correct chainline. Once again, I composed a long response to this, and a browser crash has wiped the whole thing out.I think old GS & Record English Double axles were 112-113mm. So let's cut to the chase: Why do you think this is a Raleigh International or a 59-60 Carlton? This is important, because there are Raleighs that use Raleigh-specific BB threads, including the 1973-1974 Super Course, which uses the same Capella lugs as the less common 1973 International and the 1959-1965 Carltons. I'm new here, please sorry if I'm not giving you all the details.This is the first Christmas you realized you officially crossed the age threshold.Instead of people saying, “You’re young, it will happen!

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