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Yep, Sam and her boyfriend Karl gave Goedele a kiss with the mouths they just used for oral sex, having bragged about their skills before going into the box.

While the sexual activities are done behind closed doors, one couple – which included Big Brother’s Sam Kay – did something absolutely disgusting in full view of the audience in the studio and at home.

His pre-cum was already flowing over the glans and lubricating his foreskin as he moved it up and down with slow strokes, alternately covering and uncovering the bulbous, blood-filled head.

As the video progressed to its inevitable conclusion, he continued to get himself closer to his own; his breathing increasing along with the stroking of his hand. He thought about ignoring it, but he was expecting an important call from the office concerning a lucrative real estate deal he was trying to put together and he couldn't risk letting it go to voice mail.

It would put an end to these morning sessions, but a bit of company would be a welcome change.

“Syd, of course, you can come and stay, but you know it's just me and there isn’t a lot to do here except swim and soak up the sun, we’re fairly remote here remember” His heart was beating faster for some reason, maybe it was just the thought of some company or that she actually wanted to come and stay with him.

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We’d probably arrive sometime Saturday afternoon and they’d probably leave first thing Sunday morning.” “Ehmmm…

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