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Lvl Lord Some Anti Vir Software vendors added the patcher into their virus-definitions. After that its easier for them to spread to other computers in the internet. Also the user will be warned if he chooses to high limits, as already infected machines will spread existent viruses and trojans easier to the net.So everybody can choose on its own and is not forced to. The virus-notification therefore should be seen as an information that this program contains the functionality to increase the limit. Due still lack of time it won't really get reactivated till mid/end of October. Support is currenly to the Faq and mail (which I will answer from time to time)Write you later then!After I installed it on a test-system, there was NO change in the concurrent connection-limit by default (still 10), but the patcher is able to increase the limit.Only the case seemed to be fixed in this build. Download - Release Notes The Media Feature Pack for the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (version 1709) is now available.Download A tip for those who have already updated to the latest build of Windows: a lot of things are reset to default values when installing big Windows updates.

They are so much easier to use than the ones in the book and I love them. Is there a chance o updating these with all the Careers/Specializations that have come out since?

If there is anything we can do to help with the update to get current, just ask! For instance, Soldier is missing Heavy, Trailblazer, and Vanguard I believe.

If you don't mind collaboration, I could probably make them and e-mail them to you to post.

I didn't want to overstep, however the offer is open if you're open to it.

After a few years of nothing, here again some news from me.

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