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This is a manual but easily implemented mechanism to control the load on the SUS server and requires no additional infrastructure configuration or testing.

These include: Although clients that cannot be serviced by the SUS server because of capacity limitations will attempt to contact the server again after approximately 5 hours, this overload situation will result in slowing down the server and generating additional network overhead.Family Id=A7AA96E4-6E41-4F54-972C-AE66A4E4BF6C&displaylang=en Because Windows XP SP2 is a relatively large update (approximately 270 MB), SUS administrators need to consider the impact on internal network traffic and on the machine on which the SUS server is running.For the vast majority of SUS implementations, server and network load will not be a concern and SUS administrators will not have to take mitigation actions described below, although it is recommended that the SUS administrator monitor the performance and load on the SUS server when the update is initially approved.Note: The above formula is based on conservative assumptions to account for potential spikes in the number of clients contacting the server during the approval window.Using this technique, it is estimated that between 10 SUS client machines will get the Windows XP SP2 update per day.

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